Thursday, May 25, 2006

i can see my house from here - andrew

First thing is first: i hate time warner cable.

I've been trying to load this page for nearly 15 minutes. Time warners cable's cable internet which should be running and a hundred megs a second or whatever - took and takes every other day about half an hour for me to post a simple line of text and a 256 by 256 jpeg.

i don't even remember what i was originally going to write.

on saturdays and sundays, typically the internet doesn't even work at all, which is rad since i'm home and trying to use it in the mornings.

i love resetting the modem twelve or thirteen times in order to see if the "online" light is going to come back on. it's this radical guessing game in which i'm supposed to pay money to find out if my internet is going to work.

i called them yesterday and threatened to bail and they gave me a "three week credit" which i laughed at. i told the guy on the phone that it's fantastic that they were goig to bill me for a technician to come out unless i paid them 40 bucks for "insurance" when all i really wanted to do was cancel the account and buy internet that works.

i really wish i had a hobby that i could escape from time warner to do.

this is such a headache.

i guess i'll post results to the technician coming out on saturday.

here's the scoop -

if there's nothing wrong, i have to pay them money because i wasted his time.
if there's something wrong, he fixes the problem and i pay them to keep pouring cable into the tiny straw they call a cable modem.

¿anyone care to wager?

either way, i've already wasted my time, and paid them hundreds of dollars to get this far.

i think originally i was going to post what a great day it was and how i couldn't wait to get online to post this new ugly ass post it pet.

i figured i've been doing too many pretty girls lately so i should create a strange one... and by "doing", i mean, "painting" not "doing it" which means "sex"... not that there's any problem with not doing pretty girls becuase it should be no casual action, but i thought i would clarify. and who knows who will be reading this thing.

vanessa keeps asking me to give her this web address since i told her i was making a blog, and now i'm scared that i may have said something either too weird or too offensive in here so i can't give it to her.

what a rant.

enjoy your evening, i'm going to go buy some mexican food around the corner.



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