Sunday, May 21, 2006

creativity works both ways - andrew

today i finished a few drawrings for "the creative session" on wednessday at work. i talked to edgar and he kept on upping the ante. hopefully i can sketch up some work worthy of being looked at, but knowing me, it's probably only going to be royal garbage.

"lazy does it"



francis tsai said...

Nice, Andrew. What's the creative Wednesday thing about? Is that the design challenge sort of thing that Steven Olds was doing when he was still there?

Unknown said...

francis - that's awesome that you remember those. i have seen the original ones that you did almost three years ago. :)

i think i remember your painting of a cauldron with legs and also a girl with green gear on...

ever since steven left, i have fought to keep those going and although it's not the same as it was - it's still alive.

that's a great legacy you guys left behind.