Tuesday, April 11, 2006

you can run but it's easier to hide - andrew

today i was at the gymnasium, practicing running, in case i have to run away from a large bear.

i want to take this time to personally endorse hiding - it's easier, it can be fun, and it doesn't hurt.

there should be rooms designed to practice hiding instead of treadmills.

why are we all running? what are we all running from?

oh yah, i'm running away from my fat ass. of course that eliminated the ability to hide inside or behind my fat ass, but i suppose that is o.k.

it's more easy to hide when your ass is not so fat.

on that note, i overheard david hong buy a gym membership today. hey, if he's as dedicated to fitness as he is to this blog - he'll be he-man in no time flat.


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