Wednesday, April 19, 2006

what if your whole life is just a sovenier - andrew

this is "kacone".

he likes to stand around like a regular cone until a pretty girl isn't looking, and then he tries to trip her straight on her face!

if i were a cone, it would probably be to get a really good cheap thrill. i would most likely already tire of upskirt after countless upskirt. i would be ready for some real action.

cones don't get much love, but currently neither do i.

does that mean i go around tripping people for revenge? hell no.

does that make it okay to try to pull somebody down from the cloud and smack dab right on their face? you know, make em taste that concrete.... i hear it has -0- grams of trans fat.




1 comment:

shellywan said...

OMG. i know that cone. very funny. ;-)

you forgot about kacone II. hahaha