Wednesday, April 05, 2006

walk softly and carry a big TV - andrew

my roommate and i just bought a new television.

it's an HD 50 inch and we bought it from costco.

my eyes are now open.

i can play guitar hero three times as big and twice as bright. it's like the jump i made at age 12 from atari to nintendo (or whenever that was). admitedly, i didn't have my own nintendo until years after it had infiltrated popular culture as a result of my parents stiffling my video game intake dramatically.

it's ok because now i can do it on my own with bigger more expensive toys like 360s and HDTVs.

this WILL be having an adverse effect on my art however, because i will be doing less of it in order to capitalize on our new purchase - which i will be considering my new purchase until my roomie decides to cut me a check for his half of the electronic marvel.

this is "seaworth" - think rubber duck mixed with legos mixed with my f_cked up brain.


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