Saturday, April 22, 2006

i like you, but i'm might have to cut you - andrew

one of my girl friends is celebrating the anniversary of her birth tomorrow and she asked me to make a pet for her.

usually i like to say "if you have to ask for it, it isn't really worth it." sometimes an act is so much less meaningful when you have to push for it. i suppose this is a fine instance though, because it gave me a good place to start and now i can brainlessly just create an image.

she likes blue.
she cuts hair.
she has a short blonde cut.
and she likes to flaunt her sexuality.

the web version is a little different than the one i'm giving to her, but that's just cause this is how i like it, and in reality, no girls eyes are the color of butterscotch candy. and if that girl exists, i will find her and eat her eyes out.

*remind me to get a book back from her.

this girl once borrowed a book from me about two years ago. it was a home made book of fonts at a reasonably large size. many many hand picked fonts i used to browse through so that i could draw my own text without having to have the computer on - hand made with TLC. it's the kind of thing only a nerd would really cherish. I really cherish it.

well, she borrowed it because she was making stencils to spray quotes on to her shirts and she needed inspiration.

let me tell you something that i once heard from a wise girl "only a fool will lend a book, but an even bigger fool will return it."

i certainly hope that this girl is a big fool, because i want my g*d dammed book back!

¿and on my birthday did she make me a little character and print it into a tiny frame for me?


I didn't even get a phonecall.

**remind me to **** the **** out of ***** *****.

oh yes, i will get mine.... oh yes.



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