Thursday, April 06, 2006

har har harney - andrew

edgar and i went to harney sushi tonight after an art show.

i met joshua krause, who is an awesome guy, tonight. he told me that he didn't like cartoon characters as much as abstract fine art, which made me sad, but i stomached the blow long enough to find out he was a really cool artists. i'm very glad i got to speak with him for a few minutes. if you have a chance to look him up - he's got some very inspirational pieces.

at the sushi bar i drank something with coconut and sake in it - probably too much on an empty stomach, and by the time i was done with my double diiirty martini, i was a little on the buzzed side of life.

there was a pretty girl with curly blonde hair that edgar claimed was "the most beautiful girl in the place". she was o.k. after he finished eating and i finished drinking we signed check and picked up our coats. as i turned to leave i ran into her, because she was standing right in front of me about to bother me with her questions about martinis and my taste.

i hated the drink - it tasted like something that should fuel a car or a rocket.

i introduced her to edgar.

her name was danielle.

she likes dirty martinis; i wonder if she likes drinking motor oil.

one thing led to another and it turns out that we hang out at the same bars on the same nights.

i lied and said that i recognized her. i laughed allot because i hear that people like to think that they're funny.

edgar had the oportunity but was wasting it with silence.

i told her that maybe i would run into her at the two bars we had in common, hoping secretly that something interesting would happen like a waiter dropping dishes or a pregnant woman giving birth on the bar sidewalk then aptly naming her newborn child after me, for having helped deliver the kid without hesitation.

our waitress was cute. i told her she looked like kirsten dunst but cuter. she feined liking that. her name was emily.

the female bartender had a labrae piercing. it was pretty hot. i thought, my character tonight will have one too.

the bartender, yoshi, told us that next time we came he would offer us free drinks since we worked for his favorite game company.

harney sushi was a little on the strange side tonight - at least the art show was cool and Edgar was good company.

this is "labrea" - if you think she's dirty now, you should have seen the previous version i uploaded::


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Tikigeo said...

She like's "Dirty" martinis?
Edgar should have told her (with a wink) that his last name was "Sanchez". Take it Eassee.