Thursday, April 20, 2006

gravity always wins - andrew

i am very uninspired right now.

i'm not even sure that something inspirational would inspire me right now.

right now is one of those times when I would rather be consumed by "the office" or "dave chappell" or "futurama".

nobody said that being an artist was always going to be easy. so this is one of those suck-it-up-you-pus*y nights... right now.

i should be thankful that i don't usually have to deal with this "drawers block", right now, which,now that i think about it, would make an interesting post-it-pet.

i don't really believe in excuses for failure though - and i did promise you (whoever the he*l you are) new content as often as the day bring the sun. tonight is not the night that i will quit. not right now.

this is "inspiration zero"



Shelly Wan said...

funny u should say that.

cause i really really like "inspiration zero". ^____^

for some reason i think he will bring u good luck. ;)

Shelly Wan said...

by the way i am still in the office.