Thursday, April 13, 2006

ding dong the witch is dead - andrew

i recently watched the wizard of oz.

i think my favorite part is pretty much anything with dorothy.

she's hot like water is wet.

¿do you think i would have had a chance with Judy Garland? i liked her best in the Andy Hardy movies.

i don't like tea, but if i did, she would be my cup of it.

i was considering how amazing it must have been to see the wizard of oz when it was first showed. so many special effects. i seriously doubt the integrity of the book was maintained as i think the movie was just rotten with gratuitous effects. i think i'm going to read it, but the only thing bad about the book is that it won't have Judy Garland in it.

my economics teacher said that the wizard of oz was a metaphor for the great depression.

i bet those ruby slippers would have looked good on the floor in my bedroom next to Dorothy Judy Garland - naked as the day she was hatched. she would never want to go back home.



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BrooksIsHere said...

That post made my evening.