Sunday, March 26, 2006

¿would you rather be wise or lucky? - andrew

i just spoke to an old friend who is down on his luck. -- the kind of down on your luck that gets you thrown in jail or strung out in a sh_tty motel somewhere or living in one pair of clothes and sleeping in cars at night. -- the kind of down on your luck that calls old friends from random house phones to ask for money or a place to stay.

do yourself a favor and thank g_d if you're lucky enough or smart enough not to have to deal with any side of that situation.

there are worse things than tooth aches or traffic or long work hours or telemarketers.

oh well.

this is "the king's charriot" - a return to the more blocky simple characters which i love to throw in from time to time. they always seem to come out looking like bulldogs or lions or something.


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