Tuesday, March 21, 2006

when life gives you lemon's, make lemonade - andrew

today was the monthly creative meeting at work.

i worry that the artists will not contribute and that i will be uninspired by boring excuses and empty faces, save david's usual beautiful contributions.

i was pleasantly surpirsed.

a new artist brought a sketch pad and a few pens that i had bought for him to start to learn with. he was brave enough to expose his newness to a group of very talented artists, which is very inspiring. the relative difficulty for him to begin to sketch makes me look like a fool. if i have been doing this for as long as i have, surely i should be better and more productive.

today was good for perspective. next month we will see if i can keep my promise of maintaining new art specifically for this blog.

i doubt that i will survive it.

this one is called "never seen a blue sky"


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