Saturday, March 18, 2006

sometimes you win, sometimes not - andrew

my hangover has been quelled by large amounts of cran-grape juice and wendy's processed food. i went for the fry/frosty dip combination manuever and stayed for the square double cheese without anything but lettuce.

there were two characters signing to each other at about two table's lengths apart. one smelled like he had worked out for three hours and then changed into the gym clothes he had worn weeks ago. the odor went well with the burger but not well with the frosty and fry combination; though i did not change location, the smell seemed to pass and so did the hangover.

the weather is good today and now that my brain has solidified to some degree, it is a happy day - despite looming clouds and the feeling that something much darker than the absence of light this way is coming.

this is "doctor ill". don't make me explain it to you - i don't want to lose respect.


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