Monday, March 27, 2006

read between the lines - andrew

i went to a gym tonight to try to run my heart back into shape.

there was a woman on a stationary bicycle in front of my treadmill; she was reading a book while peddling at around 6 miles per hour.

i remember trying to read while working out once. it was the kind of disaster that only happens once or perhaps twice in your life - like the time you tried to drive and eat a bowl of cereal that ended up in your lap. (admittedly i brought cookie crisp into a lumina once).

the woman was on page 47 when i started watching at two munites. by the time she was done riding the bike for 18 minutes, she was on page 49. i secretly wondered if she was proud of herself for managing time so wisely. she managed to burn eleven calories and read three pages - incredible. one page was even the chapter start. you know, the page that has one or maybe two paragraphs on it tops. yah, that was one of her monumental three pages.

hurray for you, lady on the bike. if you read this, it has probably taken you ten minutes to get this far, but think of the bright side - to type in this link you probably burned half the calories you did on that bike.

¿aint technology great?

"funny rabbit"


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© said...

took me over an hour and 48 minutes to read this section..
while doing stomach crunches.

will have to take a nap & shower, before getting to the next paragraph. Got dumbells around here.. somewhere.

...and you think i'm joking.

btw, you spelled my name wrong (again)