Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not quite yet

This is a spraypainted piece from last night:
And another version of it from sometime later:(the middle is me, the left and right belong to other coworkers) The backside is also loaded with awesome art, but the artists requested to remain in the shadows for the time being.

I'm new to painting with cans, but it's awesome the things house paint can do not on houses. If I ever own a house, I'm totally painting the outside like that. I promise. Yeehaw.

I'm learning how to paint with a few coworkers who will for now remain nameless. You can expect more awkward pieces and weird color combos in the immediate future should I be happy enough with them to post them on the interwebs.

And for any of you looking for it Metroid is coming! Well, the Samus figure is almost done but I don't have any good pics and it's still in a few pieces and minus the base.



Maikanto said...

I like this.Keep posting!

Unknown said...

Will do Maikanto. I will post until their is no art left in my heart.