Monday, September 05, 2011

More work before the final paintjob.

Here I am in the studio I share with the super talented Wade Schin with all the things you need to wet sand.
And here's another buddy's shed where I was drinking guiness and cider and spraying primer while my friends spray painted on canvases outside.

Tonight I'm going to apply layers of paint, then tomorrow any finished followed by the glue (if I have time). Plan is to be wrapped up by Saturday so it can be mailed to the art show where the piece will be housed and sold (maybe?) for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.



kleer001 said...

Keep on keepin' on.

Maikanto said...

I am eager to see the finished product!

ptvtest said...

Its looking awesome!

Also out of curiosity is there anywhere where I pick up your original art? I used to go through 1988 but last time I checked they only had prints.