Thursday, September 15, 2011

Metroid's Samus figure

I finished the Samus sculpture! Woot woot. It took forever and got in the way of a whole barrel of life, but was worth it.

Here are some pics recently snapped up:

I'm calling it "The Hunter" and it's going in the Gallery 1988 video game inspired show.

More photos can be found on my Tumblr, here:

There's a very high likelihood that I'll be creating a mother brain once I'm done with a few paintings that are in progress, if I can afford her and I don't go nuts.

be seeing you,


Samolo said...

Holy smokes! It looks even freaking better! It looks taken out of a videogame, man (It has an early DS game feel to me). The painting looks awesome! I think the only thing that could have made it cooler is a custom base, but I guess it was already a pain of work.

Unknown said...

That IS a custom base!

I made it (with the help of wade) out of a small piece of wood. The roudned edge is supposed to be reminscent of the Metroid doors. And I wanted to use wood to offset the material and make it look low poly, like it stepped out of an older era of 3D gaming. (^__^)

Thanks for the compliments Samolo.


kleer001 said...

OMG, so much win!
She's gorgeous. I really think the flat polys work. It would have looked a little off if it was too smooth.
Also, where did you get it printed from? Don't tell me you have a rapid fabricator in your bathroom.

Pakie S. said...

that's really cool!! i like how u chose to use low poly with hard edges, it really brings out the 8bit game look x)

13 said...

This looks amazing.

Brian Thompson said...

This looks awesome, man. Great job as always.