Tuesday, August 03, 2010

ad4ad2: Everything but the girl

I went through several iterations on the composition and then the palette. Some artistic "colleagues" such as Ture Ekroos http://www.orankidesign.com/ Drake Brodhal and Chris Bishop gave me some great criticism and paintovers - now the piece looks like this. Don't fear though, Dejah Thoris is on the way.

be seeing you,

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kleer001 said...

Dude, dynamic and even more depth, I'm loving the clouds and the landscape!

Though I'm not sure about the horns on the mountain. I know horns are your signature. Maybe you could make them full on Viking helmet horns? Or make them glow or drip a little with veins of lava? Or give the lizard an outcropping to hang from as well? Just throwin' it out there.

Can't wait for Dejah!