Thursday, August 05, 2010

A break from That for some of This:

This is a piece I just finished. I have prints of it but no real motivation to put them up and into a store. Can you tell which pop culture ref this is from? It's pretty obvious yet nobody noticed when I had the print out.

Eric Marachal strikes again. He's been so gracious to paste me up again. Thanks Eric - you're helping art spread like a virus.

And here's a pic I've been meaning to post for a while, it's Doug Artus's racecar. If you see him racing it A. cheer for him if he's in a race. B. Don't tell the cops if it's a heist.

That's how we roll.

be seeing you,


kleer001 said...

Peach, right?
SMB has gone so deep in the collective unconscious it's invisible to some.

Trixi said...

Oh, something for me :P

If I had a car like that... *sigh*

Charles Goatley said...

Cool. Someone tell Kotaku. The people deserve to see this!

Unknown said...

Yup. Totally peach.

Thanks Charles. I'm trying to tell them. I'm yelling as hard as I can!!!!!! <-- see?


Mr Benja said...

Sup, peeps. I talked with Andrew and scored a few of his prints to sell over at The 8bit Cubist. If you like his work, please support the movement.

Mr Benja.

edgar said...