Saturday, July 31, 2010

ad4ad2 : Another set of buns and an *ulp* sword

Poster crop size and a postcard crop size. So far so interesting...

Gotta run out to do birthday stuff, so no more updates but I'll try to get on this when I can.

-- there's a perfect spot on the postcard for "Visit Mars!" text or something goofy like that. "Wish you were here..." "Greetings" "Come for the volcanos, stay for the executions!"

whatevs. you get the picture.

be seeing you,

1 comment:

kleer001 said...

Sweeeeet, dude, rockin' the composition solid! I got nuttin, tally ho! Onward and upward, I say.

I vote for a poster too, but if it's not in the cards, no worries. There will be more chances later, right?