Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Moo mini cards: Contra motherf_cker. Yes. Contra.

Nes Contra is the sh_t.  If you say otherwise, why don't you come over to hang out with me SO I CAN BREAK YOUR ARM OUT OF IT WIMPY SOCKET AND BEAT OFF YOUR FACE WITH IT.



All that oldschool nintendo cart awesomeness is so fondly remembered for a reason.  I've read all the naysayers talking about how it's nostalgia holding it together, but they can go suck a CD, because those carts are the stuff of legends.  Yah, I'm looking at you hate blogger, with my spread pointed simultaneously at your terrible articles and your ugly mug simultaneously, cause that's how we do with spread.

I'm getting the hand of the moo card drawings maybe, but maybe these first few will suck by time I get a little further down the road.

stay in school and don't do drugs,


Elvis Rowe said...

The fact that this:


means so much to so many people and is still used validates EVERYTHING you've said here. Great work! Looking forward to more.

Stevie Doodle said...

I'd really like to find out who did the cartridge/box art for Contra! I could only imagine him looking for reference then thinking..... i'm going to combine arnold and sylvester stallone's face. Then you just got Rambo and H.R. Giger chillin' in the back.

I'd also like to find who did the cover art for Ninja Gaiden 1-3 too, those are some of my favorite illustrations. I just can't seem to find who these long lost cartridge artists are!

Just shootin' the lazer beam a bazillion times so nothin' comes out!

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff!

Mega Man 1-6
Donkey Kong
Kirby's Adventure
Battle Toads
Ninja Turtles II
Blaster Master
Gouls and Ghosts
Altered Beast
Metal Gear

Some more outlying ideas:
Heavy Barrel
Ice Hockey
Adventures of Lolo
Totally Rad
Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Duck Tales
Twin Bee
Monster Party

Unknown said...


3 things:
Thing1. Elvis. Yes. That is the best code. The Konami code.

Thing 2. I'm with you Stevie. I would totally hang that piece, it's so classic.

Thing 3. Anonymous, you have great taste in classics. I'm with you on several of those and now you got me thinking joust. for sure.


Samolo said...

Man, I'm finally out of work-cave and the light is blinding (doesn't mean I'm not going back right away...)


For some reason I always prefered the first against super Contra, which is what I got for Xmas, which just wasn't the same, but some nes games were almost impossible to get in Mexico.

Oh, and obviously wicked art.