Friday, December 02, 2011

A Han Solo sketch from last night

I don't usually draw in the real world. It's all scary and stuff, cause... no undo! And how am I going to get my straight lines and gradients? Pshhht, F that. Drawing in the real world? That takes skills.

I've been working in the real world lately for a bit, that's why - no posting. It's crazy fun, but it take some time to get used to when you stay digital for so long. There's little "wrong" with either one - analog vs. digital - there are pros and cons to each one.

He's Han Solo as "Han SoLoL"... get it? :-|

I'm not the greatest at analog, but I'm very glad to be into both it and digital. Having both in your tool box makes for good art adventures. I'll post some of the finished stuff if and when it happens. As of right now I have a sketchbook full of shitty Star Wars drawings. With a little bit of luck and some time this weekend, I can turn some of them into decent pieces.



chump said...

Looking great so far! I really like his pose and attitude.

I wanna see it finished :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Chump,

I'm taking this one to ink washes - although not that drawing per se. I should have a few washes done by the beginning of next week I hope.


Trixi said...

Haha, Han SoLoL. I love it :D
Hey, it could be worse, you could have a sketchbook full of rats in tutus.

Samolo said...

Nice! ypu should treat us with this stuff more often. Some of my fave pieces are your He-Man and Red Sonja thingies. Oh, I hope you got the moneys btw, just checking, we are freaking exciting about the print!

dante philippe said...

Awesome work! also what type of pencil is that?

Unknown said...

Thanks Dante, I always use a mechanical pencil with hard lead in it. Nothing special, but it always stays sharp.

The only problem with it is that when you are drawing on textured paper (or any paper for that matter) it can scar the page if you're not very gentle with your lines. So that when you go to paint on it, there will be really small valleys which you may not want.