Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Crazy4Cult 5 art show is coming up

Ok, so I'm going to drop a little about the show and the piece I did for it.

This coming Friday in LA is the annual Crazy4Cult art show. It's at Gallery1988 and if you CAN get there and haven't been before, it's fucking awesome.

This is the fifth year and I did a limited edition 18x24 print for it. There will be 88 of them available.

Here's the postcard for the show with a small version of the image:

This thing is JAM PACKED with references to 4 80's movies which I hold very near and dear to my heart.

I had been planning this piece for almost a year before I forced time in to work on it and I think it's one of my best piece yet, but to be honest, you've got to see the print. It's ok in pixel form, but it's way better actual sized and in person. So you've got to go to the event and check it out.

It's called "1984-1987 at 1988" - There will be 88 prints available and they're going to be going for 88 bucks a piece.

There's a framed hand embellished piece in the gallery that will be going for $150.

Here's the digital sketch I made before I started the piece. I'll post up a big version of the final piece tomorrow.

Oh - and do not ask me what movies these are... cause you better f_cking KNOW. (^__^)



Trixi said...

I sure know the movies, but I've only seen one of them. *hides*

Unknown said...

Which one have you seen?

I can tell you right now that all of them are worth it! Well, all of them are also campy as hell.

Goonies is tough to get into without nostalgia factor.

N.E.S. is REALLY tough without the nostalgia although the characters still resonate.


Trixi said...

Just take a wild guess :P

I believe you. They must be worth it, otherwise you wouldn't hold them dear to your heart.

Damn nostalgia, haha. I might give them a try...sometime...when I get the time...

Unknown said...

I feel like you've already mentioned this but I can't seem to remember. I'd have to assume predator. Never ending story may work, but it's also slightly before your time I think. :-|

Not sure if that's going to read as offensive or not, but here goes...


Trixi said...

I don't think I have, but who knows. Nevertheless you guessed right. Haha, they're all slightly before my time.

Don't worry, that's not something I find offensive.

Unknown said...

DAMN YOUTH. Get off my lawn!
(J/k but seriously.)