Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Metroid's Samus Aran Pin Up Art

Submitted for your pleasure - the finished version of the Samus Aran art.

You may notice that she's got the color scheme from the original Metroid (not the zero suit). Although the zero suit was an obvious choice, I like to call back to the most retro of retros. Gas tank is an "E-tank", The "Bailey" on the side refers to a code from the NES original metroid "Justin Bailey" Which isn't a name but a description, but I won't get into that now. Narpas Sword is also printed on the side.

There's a super missile there popping up next to Samus and she's hugging on to a Metroid, of course.

I will make a postcard of this one at some point, although the whole point of these was to find a design for the front cover of the Postcard book - which doesn't seem to be happening, especially with the new Chell Portal 2 art I"ll be doing.

You will have to bear with me though, it will be done dammit, but every other illustration just adds something cool to the book. It's not a loss but a gain.



Trixi said...

This is way more than epic. I'm afraid they haven't invented a word that would describe it...

Unknown said...

Yo thanks Trixi. I TRY to make each one a little better than the last.


Samolo said...

Justin Bailey rocks... I always thought they were gonna bring it back like an bonus suit or something, or in a remake using this color palette like "yeah, its zero suit, but Zebes crazy atmosphere makes color groovy".

The morph ball shoes are the cherry on the pie, just awesome. My fav one is Midna so far, but only cause that mesmerizing tone of skin that make her stand out.

Unknown said...

Thanks Samolo. Glad you are into the Midna one.