Monday, June 27, 2011

Sexy Military Outfit Phase 2

Please, no comments about how this outfit would never work on the battlefield. Because, frankly, we both know that it TOTALLY WOULD.

Also, I based it on a Halloween 'Sexy Military' costume, and none of those are practical for anything other than _u__ing, which if I do say so, is a very practical activity.

have a smashing day,


Trixi said...

I agree, it would work on the battlefield...and in the bedroom after winning the battle :P

kleer001 said...

well, to be honest, she'd make a bomb-a$$ tatoo too.

geenpool said...

great meeting you today as well...this is sexay!! I'll let you know what goes down with the shirts, tho I probably won't be having them printed until November, when I have a little extra monies...anyhoo...Have atcha!

Unknown said...

Trixi - werd. i love post battlefield sex. Any reason to scratch the itch is a good reason, I say.

Kleer - WERD! :D


Unknown said...

K so I love your work. Now how can i get prints.... I WANNA BUY!!