Thursday, September 18, 2008

we all have our crutches

tonight i listened to some jazz.

i was driving home on the freeway when the car in front of me stopped so hard that it looked like his car was chained to a mountain. i pressed the brakes too and came to a gentle stop inches away from her bumper and quickly looked in the rear view to see a van careening towards me little silver car.

both before i starting cursing expletives at the top of my lungs and after i had peed myself i had a few magical thoughts spark in my brain. the car didn't hit me, instead i gassed the car a bit and steered into the shoulder, but i still got to have those life flashing images. you know the ones, the ones you get before the boulder smashes your head - about your first jump off the high dive or the time you ate oreo cookies until you could only see in black and white or the time you punched your sister in the back of the head for kocking down your sand castle and then your dad spanked the white offa yer ass for doin it... those thoughts.

it was really cool to live.

i thought of doing epic things when i got home like solving world peace or ending the credit crisis all by myself... then i remembered, i'm just artist and all i can do is paint.

and so i did just that.



Tom Scholes said...

Yaaaaaaaay for living.

Unknown said...


tell me about it man!

awesome portrait BTW.


Pinflux said...

Dude! I found your blog through the C9 forum - amazing stuff man! Glad you are still alive so I can see more from you :) Is that selfish?

Unknown said...

Thanks Pin - that's not selfish at all. Thanks for stopping by sir.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen this one before. Hands down one of my favorite of your silhouettes. Dope.