Sunday, September 28, 2008


I spent part of my weekend playing with the spore creature creator. It's pretty cool. You can do about a million thing with it, though i don't like how you can only make symmetrical creatures. I could have also used fur.

It's like playing with Meta balls from old software packages. You pretty much HAVE to make mouths and eyes on them too, and i like little slits or small mouths instead of the gummy lippy jaw heavy choices you have in the creator program. It's a good way to exercise creativity though.

There's a feature to make avatars animations in it, so i did these ones:



HollyInfinite said...

Haha, very nice creatures you have there. I like making turtle looking creatures with wings and other things that I can't even think of something with a name that looks similar. I like the wings though. I should probably make a bat with midget legs and huge wings :D

Anywho, you should try the game if you have the extra cash for it. It's not that bad if your into the whole "never ending game", similar to how sims was of course, but its nice. The only bad thing about it is you can only install it 3 times before you have to call EA and request a activation disk that actually will cost you more money. But none the less, a good time waster that will keep you entertained.

tinylittlesandra said...

Awesome - I really like the second from the bottom :O)

Unknown said...

Never ending games... those are life killers! My roomie played world of warcraft more than he lived his actual life (while he had the thing installed!) I'd probably try out spore a little more if i had the free time. Making critters was certainly cool.

thanks TinyS, i'll let him know (or is that a her?!?)


HollyInfinite said...

Ah W.O.W. During my free time I like to work at gamestop, and there was this high school kid that worked there and was obsessed with that game. Everytime he bought a pre paid card to play the game he would try giving me the free trial card that came along with it.

I never got into it though, seeing how many strange people are so into it kind of freaked me out to the point I was scared I would get addicted as well.

Now Playing said...

Dood, that bird creature is hilarious! Yeah if I had time I'd probably try it out. But I don't so I'll enjoy Spore through other people haha.