Tuesday, September 25, 2007

¿i thought it was supposed to be wednessday today?

it's very relaxing to do post-it-pets again, but i've noticed that the previews look ugly as heck. the jpeging makes them look all crispy and strange with the soft areas, so i'm going to have to ask you to click on the image, even thought it only slightly enlarges if at all.


thems tha breaks.

this guy is called right angril.



RoB said...

Hey dude!

Great post-it pets(clever name as well). Man these rock! It would be awesome to see these pets as future toys so I can set them up on my desk some day :)

As always dude, very creative and inspiring work!


Phineas said...

Jpeg compression sucks.

When I upload my images to my website, I set them to 100% compression. If I could set them to %110 compression, I would... but then I would have to kill myself because all natural laws would be turned upside down.

...cue rant... I mean how can a football player give %110 in a game?... end rant...

..continue jpeg rant... so, what's it worth to you to have quality images on our blog? host them on your own website and paste the code into your blog. It might take an extra couple of minutes to do, but it could be worth it for the sake of quality.