Wednesday, September 26, 2007

too much noise - not enough music

the art of conversation is all but lost.

perhaps this is not the case elsewhere, but i have encountered, in the last few weeks and days - some terrible conversation right here in san diego.

i feel like good conversation stems from good pacing, content, and the ability to "know your roll". there are turns and polite mechanics to conversation - subtle and not so subtle. i have had my verbal toes stepped on as well as been part of vapid conversation with really intelligent people. the timing has been all off. the volume has been all off. all sorts of contorted and bizarre conversation have taken place.

there have been breaks in that flow of bad talk, but they are drops of water in an ocean of dry boring sand.

then again....

maybe it's just me.

this character is called "boo note".



spleenal said...

there's something for you to talk about over on my blog.

It's about you

allen etter said...

You've been busy! Great stuff, man. Love the glowing guy with the hood!

Andy C. said...

Sweeeeeeet. It is great to see you return to painting.

Unknown said...

spleen - i visited the blog. i consider it an honor, and i'll try to meet the challenge best i can.

allen - i have been busy, i'm going to have to stop by your site and see how busy you've been as well.

thanks shou' - that's a very nice thing to have said!