Monday, April 23, 2007

futurama is awesome.

not much to say...

more art, and soon, adult swim for a while.



bill(y) said...

nice stuff duder!
btw, i just bought your's and wade's book...can't wait!

Unknown said...

Hey - THANKS! That means allot. I I really hope you like it. i had been trying to get wade to make his art public for some time, and it's really great stuff.

i hope you don't mind all the nudity in my art!


Phineas said...

My favourite part of this sketch is the tightness of the cord around the girls left leg. I really enjoyed that part.

spleenal said...

uI like the the speach bubble coming from her butt!?!
I keep trying to draw babes my self but they tend to look like guys with boobs.