Sunday, April 22, 2007

¿don't you ever draw any GUYS?

not today...

more silhouettes.

i'm sure i'll get tired of making these soon, but it hasn't happened just yet.

relax and guide in a fantastic sunday. (you're going to need it come monday.)



Andy C. said...

I am absolutely infatuated with your soft colors and gradient-like feel from your earlier pieces - they're very well done.

Your 8-Bit pieces looked like a lot of fun. The entire topic for the gallery sounds exciting. I hope they'll have another showing again.

I hope to see more of your pieces.

Anonymous said...

Hey man!

I definitely need to hit you up with an email!

Your silhouettes are kicking with style! I especially adore your 8 bit pieces and the tusken raider! They never looked so...lovable?

Anyway take care home boy! Hope to hear from you soon!!!

spleenal said...

This girls lady garden hair looks like a lick of flame.
Very hot.
Lick, hee hee, Lick.

Unknown said...

icon - hi. i'm drawing a blank. ^___^ you will have to write me, to tell me what either your real name is, or gimme a reminder.

shou - thank you for the compliment, after a short stint of these silhouette girls, i'll post more stuff like before. i'm trying to stretch as an artist.

spleenal - yes, very flame-like. hope you've been digging all of these.