Tuesday, April 24, 2007

stop using default clipart!!!!


now that THAT is settled:

have a good evening - see you tomorrow.



Phineas said...

When I first saw you using clipart, I was mortified. But then again, I would be mortified if I saw someone sporting a neon jump suit in the middle of the day. You better be certain that you have balls enough to carry something like that off if it's going to succeed.

Also, you'd better be sure that you're doing it ironically and not because you missed the trend by a few years.

I think that your artwork reeks of irony. I'm looking forward to the next few years, where we rediscover all that was bad and good about the birth of home computing.

Unknown said...

Strong and sexy silhouettes!

Unknown said...

thanks phin and serapio.

on with my neon jumpsuit, there's clipart yet to assemble into naked silhouetty women, dripping with wingdings and black pixels.