Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cosplay "Pin-up" - Rainbow Dash? Bravest Warriors Beth? Samus? Wat!

So I have this dream of mine...

I want to make a giant pinup banner to hang when I do the next Seattle Comic Con next year.

When I say giant, I mean, really quite large... like, taller than my house large.  Like... 30 feet tall giant.

Chances of this happening are slim but just like I always say "You make don't of the shots that you don't take."

So I'm planning for this.

The sketch has to be really tall because it can't be wide - booths aren't that wide, so I probably have ~5-10' to work with and the thinner and taller the better.  It can't be too lude, so I'll be somewhat tame.

What I'm thinking is that it'll look like a giant version of one of my cartoon girls standing right in the con.  Should be really cool to take pictures of.

Here are some sketches.

Rainbow Dash, Samus, Samus Cosplaying as Chun Li, Samus as Sailor Moon.   Then I did some other randoms - Velma, Beth from Bravest Warriors both regular style and as Slave Leia from the Butter Lettuce episode.

I'm not in love with any of these, although I like Samus as Sailor Moon and also Rainbow Dash is kinda too cool for School.

Do let me know if any of these tickle your fancy, or any other part of your mind or body.



Glen Isip said...

Why not an original design? If you have a 30-foot tall image, why advertise someone else's franchise?

Or at least cram enough references into one image so that people don't think you're working for any one company?

Unknown said...

Hey Mr. Isip, They're part of my culture and I love to render them in my style. But what you mentioned - a mashup or a bunch pf stuff - that's exactly where my sketches headed. Checkout the blog tomorrow and I'll
post it up.

Unknown said...

Best writers you've seen of recent, eh? I'll take that spam as a compliment until there are more comments from real humans.

notrab_mada said...
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notrab_mada said...

hi, I don’t suppose that you would consider colouring in the
other designs as just like your punder women set i think there
all as amazing as the one you decided on :)