Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The rest of the Boo'd Puns

Here are all the rest of the Boo pics except the super secret one, who's name shall not be mentioned.

The series did really well at the show and I'm super proud of how the sets are packaged.  You won't be disappointed if you pick them up.

As a matter of fact - you do that here (link below to the LTD art gallery) for $20.

The Big Leboowski (The Bood)


Who you gonna call?


It's a CAT BOOS - how cute!

Breaking Boo

Bob's Boogers

¿What weird mashup of terrible puns should I unleash next?

Have at it humans.



Rupe said...

Great stuff!
"Breaking Boo" needs another version: "Heisenboog", with the shades & fedora :D

Unknown said...

took me awhile to guess the secret one, but when i finally got it, i had a great A-HA! moment.

I love these prints. fantastic illustrations. many sets came my way :)

dickard said...'re my hero. Love the whole series.

Unknown said...

I really love your Boos!!! why not Booman et Robin?