Monday, January 07, 2013

The Mighty Mother f_cking Mightor

Mighty Mightor - I remember seeing this character and saying in my nearly infant (at the time) head - "Damn, that's one smooth mother f_cker."

Mighty Mightor looked rad.  I don't remember one thing about him but when that dude was on - I must've been a toddler when I'd see him - he was dope.

So here's a round of sketches of some of the characters in the Mighty Mightor. 

I still have no clue what I'm going to be painting for this Hanna Barbera show.

It's super cheap that Mighty Mightor's Sheera basically looks like one of the Flintstones. Actually, all of these dudes could fit into a Flintstone cartoon.  Mightor would beat the living stones off of Fred. I love the club, which is like a giant stalactite. So cool.  They should bring this dude back.

¿I should sketch some Space Ghost next shouldn't I?

Mighty Mightor, Sheera, and Little Rock
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Samolo said...

Oh, I can't remember having seen that one here, but I remember him as the judge of the Harvey Birdman thing on Adult Swim. So yes, they should bring this dude back.

And yes! Some Space Ghost &drew style will be wicked.

Nicholas Hong said...

these characters are so adorable!

Unknown said...

Thanks you guys, I'm plugging away on some finished art to represent it.