Friday, January 04, 2013

Hanna Barbera's Herculoids (the non human ones)

¿Who care about the humans?

We smell.
We eat all the good food.
You can't leave us alone for ten minutes without somebody f_cking somebody else up.

The monsters, at least they're colorful.

¿The humans?
 They'll burn your house down and eat your babies.

The monsters, at least they have some interesting shapes to look at.

¿The humans?
Sure, some of them have boobs - real nice boobs, but not all of them.

Gleep, Gloop, Tundro, Zok, & Igoo
Zok - what a jackass.  I decided that I don't like drawing Zok one bit.  I have him some real TLC so that you wouldn't see the hate come out.  Gleep and Gloop, I phoned it in - sorry.  Tundro and Igoo have some character, no?

Maybe I'll give the humans a shot at night - although it's friday and it may not be the best evening to sit and change the color of pixels on the screen.


Samolo said...

Man, I HATED the humans of that show, they basically did nothing, the creature did all the fighting and saving.

Digging where you are going and the cast of creatures kinda seems taken out from the first Zelda games.

Unknown said...

Yup you know what i mean, and I see that - the dragon from the first(?) dungeon - my dragon totally has his posture.