Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Moo mini cards: Final Fight arcade/snes

Not sure how many of you remember this game, but it's awesome. I've never paid tribute to it, so it's long overdue, but Final Fight was a genre defining game at the time (well that or double dragon), but I think people still may refer to games like this as "Final Fight" style.  Or maybe Streets of Rage, but who's counting.

Still rad.

Haggar from Final Fight squares off against Poison.

I heart Final Fight.
¿Can you tell that he's based on Jesse Ventura?  Cause I think he was totally supposed to be.  A cross between him and Zangief really.  Super dope.  He's made cameos in lots of stuff since as has poison.  There's some weird history about her, but I'll let you find out that stuff for yourself. (O . O)

These mini art bits are so fun to do, I think all of you artists should take a stab. SRSLY.



Phineas said...

I just had my first Crying Game moment.

Unknown said...


That "girl" is poison.


Guy said...

Final Fight = THA BEST