Thursday, April 05, 2012


Before links were stupid things on the internet, they were chains, but before that - THEY WERE HEROES, MOTHER F_CKER. REAL. LIFE. HEROES.SECOND QUEST KILLING, OCTOROCK F_CKING SONS OF B_TCHES.

Behold and be educated in the ways of the force. (The tri force, bot the midichlorians - barf - one)
Ganon. Find him. Kill him. You need no little else.

Link + a fairy (for hearts). Look closely. See how he shakes his power fist?

ZELDA. I made her a little more... hmmmm... IDK Ethnic? I gave her color. Frankly, after what Skyward did to her design, I could use a little color in my life. She's warior like because in the game she kicks _ss on rare occasion. With a bow.
If you like the art you can pick up a print. Otherwise - feel free to reblog or do whatever you internet bastages do.



Samolo said...

You speak of prints... but I see no other Link than the Link tha... well you get it.

Zeldas are easily my fav games, you got thos spot one... plus 500 rupees for you for the Ganon stand.

Unknown said...

I created these posts ahead of time, before links were up. Thought I could edit the posts on the road but blogger is a piece ofnshit on iPhone. :( won't properly edit so I'm f_ct.

There is a link for you. I'll continue to try to edit and waste time. Thanks sh_tty blogger software/equally sh_tty iOS software!

Unknown said...

Fixed. Suck it Blogger!



Laura Dubuk said...

i looove these, Andrew. your understanding of physics in the fictional realm is astounding but i already told you that IRL