Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Video Game art from me? Never! Mario, Zelda, and more Samus

It's that time again...Time for me to do more video game art.  These are all sketches for an upcoming piece I've just finished. Although there are still finishing touches to be done - as a commenter recently said, POST MORE YOU BASTARD.

I'll accept your challenge, and I will answer by being slightly more active than I was last month.

Let's start with a host of sketches.  So the concept was to put everybody on a little pedestal made out of a piece of the game they were featured in.  Good guys on the left, supporting or alts on the right, and evil bastards in the middle.

I love to paint characters standing in space, so it really worked out for me.  I haven't been into that this month as much as last, eh.

Mario, Bowser in the Clown Car, and Mario's tall ass brother, Luigi

Samus in her battle gear, MB ALA Metroid I, and Zero Suit Samus

Link - Grrrrr, Ganon - as a pig and not some weird red head, and Zelda as an archer princess (or some sh_t)
I hope you like the art.  I'll keep at it and try to get better, so that the next posts will be good. Ok?

thanks for stopping by,


msneill said...

Damn this is kick ass, hope to see them colored up!

Brian Thompson said...

I really love these! Thanks so much for all the awesome stuff you post. Very inspiring!

dickard said...

sigh.....thank you! Just joined your blog recently but instantly became a fan of your style and your subjects. You actually sparked me to start drawing again myself. When I get half as good as you, I'll start up my own blog and share. Love the new concepts you're working on now. Can't wait to see the finished products.

Chuckmp said...

Lookin' good! O: Can't wait to see more of these!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys. They will all be colored up and fully rendered.

Finished products coming up (scout's honor)


Annoyed Coworker said...

I'm throwing my money at the screen, but nothings happening.

Seriously though, if you made these into actual figures, I'd give you my first born for them. If it just prints, you'll have to settle for money.

Sidebar: Did you ever post finished Maleficent images or Alice images?

Unknown said...

Alice & Malif are totally finished.

Dunno when I should post those. I was thinking sorta near when the show was going to be...

I'll have to do some color stuff to put up ahead of time, eh? In case dat takes too long.


Wevah said...

I am going to use the Samus sketch as my wallpaper; brb.

Anonymous said...

Please make these into prints I live for zelda I need them your work is on a whole other level