Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sleeping Beauty/Fairytale art show

I did two fairy tale prints for the acidfree gallery.  TBH - i think this started the year off right.  I need to start doing full illustrations to grow as an artist. Remember this year's mantra?


Let's do some GOOD art for a change.  Say it with me:
"I will stop flooding the internet with trashy bad art."

These two piece were very difficult for me, but I hope to follow them up with a strong year o fart. (See wat I did there? Kept it classy.)

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) is hot and all, but I'd totally do Maleficent.
Here's a link to the Sleeping Beauty print:
Before the Sun Sets on her 16th Birthday

And here's a link to the Alice Print:
Off with her Head

I also don't think that this is the last we'll see of Maleficent.  I may paint her again if I get free time. (scoff sssscccooooffff)

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Trixi said...

The little girl in me approves.

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The little girl in me approves too...wait.