Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seattle Comic Con.

Ok, so I have good and bad news all at exact same time.

The good news is that I'm going to be at the Seattle Comic Con this Friday.

Show Hours

Friday: 2:00pm - 8:00pm
Washington State
Convention Center

The bad news is that I have a work trip Saturday through the week on.  The good news there is that I have a job and the work trip is in a place with allot of sun.  The bad news is that I'm white as f_ck and will burn to death, which leads to good news if you have my art, because it will actually be worth something maybe.

The other good news is that I have a version of the Pin-up book, which somebody has promised to publish properly in the somewhat immediate future, but in the meanwhile I printed 20  books on a print on demand site that I'm going to be selling at the show and online afterwards and including a small print with them.

Damn Canadian, I'll save one of you for sh_t sure.

They've got pretty much all the art in them that I've done in the last year and a half to two years.  Which is a sh_t load of f_cking t_tties and _sses painted into one b_ok.


I also wrote a RETARDED dedication page inside.  You'll know it when you see it.  I may be sued for what I've written.  It's also inspiring me to want to write things more often.

Pin Me Up prototype in living color.

That's all I got for now, but I'll be posting up plenty of art this month and part of next. And I also have a plan for next year that involves MORE ART. Who knew?

be seeing you,
number six.


chump said...

A new book? O: and I'm glad I have one of your books sir ;)
I feel very lucky.

Samolo said...

Why one for the "Damn canadian" and not one for the damn mexican? You must hate tacos, thats the only reasonable explanation.

It looks, so, sooo cool.

Please don't die burned up, cause I want that book.

jP said...

...hey, can you save me one of...oh, never mind.

Unknown said...

You're too kind Chump.

LOL - Samolo - I have the exact OPPOSITE of hate for Tacos. I'll try hard not to burn - I've got 3 tubes of SPF 100.

jP - you're never the right damn Canadian. You know that.


Annoyed Coworker said...

Hmmm... another book to buy, eh? Just out of curiosity, what's the size of that book?

Unknown said...

The book is 8x10. You need to make some more current posts for me to laugh and cringe about. I imagine that things are still happening at your work, ya?

Trixi said...

Just stay in the shade

Damcanadian said...

a post without me making some request seems weird, so are they numbered? save me a low number copy, lol.
Also cant freaking wait to see it and anything else you might have, see you this friday bro.

Unknown said...

Yup. Will certainly do. See you at the show, sir.