Thursday, February 09, 2012

Chun Li will take your lunch money and buy crack with it.

Chun Li is sexy as hell, but I wanted to kick her around a little bit, like a dirty skin-bound soccer ball. (the-shit-I-say-on-this-blog).  I wanted to grunge up Chun Li (as I would like to the whole street fighter cast) like real street fighters. None of this perfect uniform shiiiite.
If I had a dollar for every tooth Chun Li knocked out of YOUR skull, I'd have two thousand dollars!!!!
At any rate, this was just a diversion because THE PAINTING I'M WORKING ON IS EATING MY OWN EYEBALLS.

It is.  I don't lie.

There are still Cammy toes to post and arts to finish, so I'm going to leave you with a question:  Wouldn't Chun Li be more awesome if she had squids in her hair, weird tattoos on her chest, and a boot knife?

Wait... that's not a question, that's obviously the god damned truth.  Amen.

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be seeing you (if I still can),

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