Friday, February 10, 2012

Change up.

I get sick and tired of my blog background and colors every few decades, so I'm changing it to avoid that from happening.  My future self just tweeted me to say this was a good idea - I'm tired of that look 30 years from now.  You're welcome. It's changed.

Wait ¿Wat?

It's ok. We're all mad here.

Would you like to see a picture? WELL TOO BAD.  Just kidding. But seriously...  It's no fun to go to an art blog and not see new art.

Conan had it wrong. What's best in life has nothing to do
with your enemies nor lamentation of their women.

That drawing is an exact replica of my walk to work this morning. No wait... that's a photo of the walk to work this morning.  Don't worry - I dodged that bird shit with so much style that the bird actually clapped as it flew off.

the hatter,

1 comment:

Samolo said...

Finally! I didn't lied, I swear! But soooo much work, and many, MANY photoshop crashes, but here you got!

Hope you and your future self like it! You are an inspiring pair!

Oh... and I really dig the new look