Friday, September 16, 2011


Tonight at the video game show at Gallery 1988, Squid kids is dropping these gold cart figures: and for details.

I did the art for this set a while back and it's come to fruition!

All the squid kid stuff is hot, so Go there and get some if you're in LA!

They're gold. They're a parody of Zelda, They're little nes cart! What more can you ask for? Very little. Verrrry little.



Damcanadian said...

I see there will be 100 of them, will they be sold on the 1988s website later if there are any left? I neeeeed one.

Dæth by Design said...

i finally got mine wheeee all the peeps at work are jelly! any chance of getting one of your pinup books to go with it?

Unknown said...


I need to make it over to my studio one day. A day in which I'll pull out the remaining book or two. I owe one to a guy who comments here from time to time and I'll see if there's another for yourself.