Saturday, September 17, 2011

2 things

Thing 1.

I've decided to give away the Samus prototype in order to promote my blog. I'm not good at marketing my art, just at making it, so I don't really know how to do this.

I imagine a drawing is cool, random, and fun. So here's how it goes: If you retweet this tweet, I'll put you in a drawing to give away my only Samus prototype:!/artist_andrew/status/115240107186978817
(I hope that link works)
Maybe that spreads the word about my art and you might win a free small sculpt. It's about 1/3 the size of the final and has been glued together from some breaks, but it's still pretty cool.

Follow me on twitter so you can be up on all the new art or you can follow the blog. All equate to the same wacky artness.

Oh yah, and while you're hanging out here, feel free to order the Samus Color Wheel print.

Thing 2. I made some Team Fortress silhouettes in the background there today. Being crafty for no reason. It's just fun.

Now I've got to get back to my paintings, so that I can do another AD4AD sometime soon.

be seeing you,


machination said...

Done and done. Winning this would make my month.

I once did an entire essay and presentation on Samus. I wasn't even a true Nintendo geek, but Samus has played a very interesting role in terms of the portrayal of women in video games. She was and still is very unique in that sense. Plus, she's damn cool.

Thanks for making artwork/sculptures, and good luck with your future projects, Andrew.

Samolo said...

Done! When will this awesome drawing be held?

Unknown said...

Machination - thank me for making those thing? You're absolutely welcome! I love to make and share art.

Samolo - i'll do it Monday evening, sir.


Brian Thompson said...

I love those TF2 silhouettes. They're simple yet very cool. I would totally hang all 9 up in my house.

John IG said...

Is this still going on, or have you already given it away?

Unknown said...

Already done, but I have plans to give more free stuff away John. So check back every so often and you'll get a shot, sir.