Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mario/ Princess Daisy Pin up AD4AD4: Closed Case.

Phew, what do you know, I DID finish it in time after all. I made Princess Daisy just about as hot as I could make her.

Gotta do a backside and then I'm thinking Samus or Zelda or something next week. I suppose I need to have a pair of cards to print! Or what's another nintendo game vixen that needs to TLC?

Thanks for the concept ZG.

be seeing you,


Trixi said...

I have to say that this is definitely one of my favorites. It's simply stunning. :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Trix. I haven't done a dark haired girl in some time, so it was due. Plus princess Daisy never gets any lovin'. Perhaps that will oneday change?

dante philippe said...

awesome work and daisy is looking HOT~

also i kind of wanna know about your painting process. how do you get from the color flats to the rendered final and such, how many layers you use and how you put them together. can you record yourself doing your next picture or something like this and submit it some were like I love the way you paint and and how your ART looks i know you submit WIPs of your paintings but to see the creation of the image it self from the sketch to the final is something i want to see even if its just a speed paint.

you can reach me at
if you ever decide to make a video of your painting process contact me and send me a link or the video it self.
thanks a lot for reading.

Unknown said...

I'll hit you up personally fo sho. I've got stage fright about painting in front of a recorded cam! But I may very well do so.

Long of the short is that I shade dark to light. I use a hard edged brush but then hit up a soft one at the very end. Sketch is small, flats are 2x the resolution, shading happens 2x that, and details are at 2x that. Each time I just size up and keep painting. Flattening right before the last details.

Layers are usually limited - more on a more complex piece. Less on say, a character just sittin there. At the end I tweak with levels to get black and whites back in.

Is that a good short of the long?


dante philippe said...

Your explanation of the way you paint is very helpful! now all we need is a video to see it all in action. as for the stage fight as long as the finished product looks as well done as all your other work i think you will do just fine ;) you got skillz man you can do it

C.Deboda said...

I'll take a video too! (so that I can just watch that repeatedly instead of asking you the same thing repeatedly ;))

And if postcards are produced, sign me up for that as well. cya.

Damcanadian said...

this is so much better then I expected, way to go beyond man, haven't seen a piece you've done I haven't liked, but this is by and by my favorite.

kleer001 said...

oooh man, outta the park.
If I had a van I'd ask permission if I could make her as a vinyl magnet to stick on it.
Also, you'd be way awesome at demo painting. Didn't you do one for your b/w girls? Way long ago?

Unknown said...

Debo - i will THROTTLE YOU!

You've SEEN ME PAINT!!!! That's better than a video. hahaha, you want that I should invite you over here so you can watch for one last time before I move out of Cali?


sachi0770 said...

Hey homie!

This is absolutely my FAVORITE postcard design! It's radical on so many levels, my top 3 reasons are as follows:

1) it's Daisy.
2) i heart everything super mario and especially like the mushrooms!
3) the half boobie pose with the sexy officers uniform is super hot!

loves it!