Thursday, May 26, 2011

AD4AD2.0 - Noseart Mashup Remix

Ok, now that I've got a reasonably wacky title out of the way, to the art.
This one is Mida based, or maybe I'll go with princess Zelda, but she gets all the love and I'm kinda doing the B-siders with Daisy and Luigi and all. The cool thing about Midna is that she has a Ganon looking color palette with the green pale blue and orange. It could look really cool I think, although a little off.

I've got the Zelda series refs on there. Slashes instead of bullet holes. Fairy in a bottle instead of 1-up, etc.

I think it will work. I just have to decide which damned version to go with. Hoody or no hoody. Sticking her tongue out or not. I'm thinking number 2, but the top one is sort of unique and out of character, which is a cool aspect.

Either way, I've got to jump on this quick so I can get it done and out. I want to print a set of 2 cards and I can't do that if only one card is finished!

bee seeing you.


Samolo said...

Oh my goodness... pleeease! tell me that you're not gonna make us choose! that would be hell! And I agree, the greenish blue and orage look awesome. Which way you decide to go, they look awesome.

I owe you a fan art, I haven't forgot about that!

Unknown said...

It's cool. I'll leave the tough choices to a coin and photoshop, which I will flip and promptly use.

dante philippe said...

omg this will be awesome record urself painting this ;)

Unknown said...

Can't. it's already finished...
J/k, but seriously.