Saturday, March 12, 2011


UPS girl this time.

Sketches and I've already begun the final paints and what not.



Trixi said...

The first one made me giggle :)

PS. I think I'm in love with your art.

dante philippe said...

Nice sketches! cant wait to see finished product

Unknown said...

Thank you. I will try not to make my next drawings suck.

Dante, tis nearly done. I'll post up later this week, so you won't HAVE to wait.

Service, right?


Laura said...

Hi Andrew- Nice to see 8bitCubist booth at PAX! Got a neat postcard illustrated by you ❤. You guys have a bunch of cool stuff going on here :) Anyway, I'm a college student majoring in Interactive Media & Game Development. I heard that you guys can use more artists, so I'm offering free help! Let me work with you guys! XP My website is -Looking forward to hearing from you! -Huan

Unknown said...

Heh, well Laura, you are quite the artist. However, I gotta tell you that although I'm buddies with Ben @ 8BCubist, you gotta hit him up! And do some 8bit art for goodness sakes! :-) Let's see how you'd redesign pacman or do an atari version of FFVII or somethin. ;-)


Unknown said...

lovin the oops