Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finished piece

I’m calling this “Don’t get 8-bit”.

The final pic for the 8-bit painting I did. Forgot to post this but I really enjoyed making it.

Reminds me how fun it is to paint entire scenes and also use colors I don’t usually push. This year has so far been a year of color and scene exploration, as opposed to the limitless character paintings that I’ve worked on.

This version is un-watermarked and the crop is a little more generous to expose Mario’s full face and the fire flower in the Super Mario II vase.

The B-side to the postcard. It should be obvious if you’re a gamer or lived through the 80s that it’s been fashioned after Pacman.

And an animated gif I made when I went to disneyland... for good measure. And it's really hard to tell, but it's wiggle 3d, you can see it if you look real hard as use the wall as red. (^__^)



Stevie Doodle said...

Woogity woooooooooogggg!!!

dante philippe said...

great! awesome work!

chengwhich said...

wow, that's awesome! love the colors, too.