Friday, January 07, 2011

Bobby Bottleservice says Stay in School and don't do drugs.

One more piece for the Gallery1988 show.

This one is a reference to Bobby Bottleservice.

Click that link to watch a pretty funny Jersey Shore spoof.

I'll be at the show tonight for just a moment if you want to stop by and say yo... and buy me a glass of Vokka. Maybe it will help kill that wicked sinus infection that is roasting my brain.

I'mma go nap/pass out before I travel to the gallery.



Josh Lange said...

Guess who showed up after you took off?

His girl ended up buying your stuff! I told him I knew you and he said he thought they were GREAT pieces and was really thrilled and thankful to be in the show. Nice job Andrew!

Unknown said...

haha - epic.

Wish I didn't wander off drunk so fast.

se la vie. (or whatever)