Sunday, January 02, 2011

And let's not forget Elecman.

Continuing on the MegaMan redraws, here's Elecman. At this point I'm thinking of doing all 6 villains from the original MegaMan game, plus Megaman, plus one of those little dudes with the construction hats.

No Wily, No Dr. Light.

Alternatively, I'm thinking of doing Roll + Tron Bonne (the cuties of MegaMan) + MegaMan + the six villains.

And lastly, there's the option of creating a battle scene between MegaMan and a villain or two.

You'll know when I do!


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steviedoodle said...

Haha that is awesome, the way you designed him he looks like he'd be so tweaky and jittery. This is a really cool project.

I'd also like to mention that Electric man whoops ass in Megaman Soccer, his powershot will shock and stun, whoever gets hit gets f'd up!